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Bigger is sometimes best! The largest machine in the Rocket® range offers a fully sustainable organic waste recycling solution for larger catering facilities and multi-site operations.

The A1200 Rocket® composter is capable of continuously processing up to 7000 litres of organic waste each week. Thermostatic controls automate the process ensuring minimum operator interaction with only a standard single-phase 240-volt power supply needed.

Available as a stationary organic waste solution with the facility for temperature recording and robust construction ensuring longevity, the Rocket® range of food waste treatment systems are suitable for the on-site processing of:

  • Cooked & Uncooked Meat & Fish
  • Cooked & Uncooked Fruit & Vegetables
  • Garden Waste
  • Animal Waste (including some types of bedding)

As the largest machine in the Rocket® range the A1200 Rocket® is ideal in array to process material from local food waste collections currently undertaken by:

  • Exxon Petroleum
  • Aardvark Recycling