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The AW-DISK® is a pot-top against weedgrowth (weed and liverworth), produced from a mixture of natural fibres (coir, sisal and jute) and natural latex. The AW-DISK® is produced in the Netherlands under highly controlled circumstances and is patented in Europe.

The rough side from the AW-DISK® with all the fibres needs to be up. Water and nutrition can penetrate this side easily. Because of the rough structure, the AW-DISK® dries very quickly by the wind and the seeds of weed cannot germinate.

The smooth side of the AW-DISK® with the natural latex needs to be down. This latex side prevents the AW-DISK® from absorbing water out of the potsoil and makes sure the AW-DISK® remains dry.

Because of the controlled production in the Netherlands, a homogeneous quality, a good hygiene (all fibres are well cleaned) and flexibility in delivery (very fast and also in small quantities) can be assured.

The big advantages of our AW-DISK® for the growers are:

  • No more weed and liverworth => the nurseries save on the labourcosts of taking away the weed by hand.
  • No more weed and liverworth => no damage to the plants anymore because of the weed and because of the handweeding or spraying.
  • 3. Less need for water, the plants do not dry out so quickly => because the disks stops the evaporation out of the potsoil.

By using the AW-DISK® on your nursery you will experience the following advantages:

  • You will save on the labour costs of weeding the plants.
  • Your despatch will be much quicker because you do not need to weed the plants and topdress them again. This is a hugh advantage because it will save you a lot of time in a period where you are very busy!!
  • When having no worries about weed-control, you and your employees can focus on important crop handlings which improves the quality of the nursery and your plants.
  • You will not damage your plants because of weeding or spraying them.
  • Because of less evaporation out of the pot, you need 35 till 45% less water.
  • Because of a better water- and temperaturebalance in the pot, the root-development is much better which will improve the quality of the plants (we have pictures from growers claiming this).
  • You will deliver plants to the retail which are 100% weed free guaranteed. Because of the AW-DISK® there is no weed and also no seeds or rootstocks of weed in the pot. The plants are 100% weed free
  • When you supply the plants with the AW-DISK® on, the plants will have a longer shelf-life in the retail, because they do not dry out so quickly because the evaporation out of the potsoil is less.
  • Using no herbicides on your nursery can be a positive selling argument to the retail.
  • Your nursery looks very clean and professional, when clients are visiting you.