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Aerobin 400

We all need to keep our personal environment clean and healthy. How we dispose of kitchen scraps, leftovers, grass clippings and garden waste is important. Until now we have only had the option of putting this waste into the garbage or composting it. Many people have chosen not to compost because of problems with pests and pets, odours and lack of time to attend to regular maintenance of the compost. That is, until the Aerobin revolution. It’s time to clean up your act.

Developed by an Australian company, this new technology came about as a result of concern for the carbon cycle on planet Earth. The unit has been tested and proven to achieve the highest performance in composting against world ranking compost units at the Swinburne University of Technology, Environment & Biotechnology Centre.

Did you know:

  • When organic materials decompose without air they get slimy, smelly and give off methane and nitrous oxide, two very potent greenhouse gases?
  • Disposing of kitchen scraps and garden waste in plastic and sending them to the tip contributes directly to global warming?
  • The amount of garbage collected for landfill is a huge, global problem, with landfill areas rapidly filling?
  • Up to 50% of household waste destined for landfill is composed of organic materials.
  • When we send our household and garden waste off to landfill, we take away the plant sources from our gardens which (when composted) will feed back into our gardens and continue the carbon cycle, giving health to our environment.
  • Its time to clean up your act. Great change comes from a large number of small changes acting together. For the first time there is an easy remedy - every household can help reduce the ongoing impact by:
    • compost their organic waste without producing the volumes of green house gases that the same material will produce if sent to landfill as raw organic material
    • using the compost on their garden to promote plant growth, reduce water usage, improve soil condition (and obtain a carbon credit)
    • reduce the collection demand and resultant green house gases produced during the kerbside collection and transportation to landfill

Join the Aerobin Revolution and become a friend of our planet.

Operation Method of Aerobin Aerobin 400

Aerobin Dimensions



740mm x 740mm x 1200mm

Packed for Delivery:

750mm x 750mm x 800mm


25kg (empty)

Capacity (approximately):

400 litres / 400 kg

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