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Rotol Compost Convertor (220L)

Our award winning Rotol 220 Litre Compost Convertor is manufactured from 100% recycled material to our exceptionally high standards.

Best Buy. An amazingly low price for such a high quality bin.

Please note, these bins do not feature a front access hatch. If you would like a bin with a hatch, why not consider our hugely popular Garden King composter range?

Base Diameter: 76cm
Top Diameter: 46cm
Height: 76cm

Rotol Compost Convertor (300L)

"BEST BUY" (300 Litre version) on 4 consecutive test, most recently when last tested in April 2007.

Base Diameter: 102cm
Top Diameter: 46cm
Height: 76cm

Garden King Composter (220L with Hatch)

Our famous Garden King Composters are perfect for the experienced and the beginner composter alike. Manufactured from 100% recycled materials and rotationally moulded to a robust and high-quality design with a front sliding hatch for easy access.

This is the 220 Litre Version.

Base Diameter: 82cm
Top Diameter: 45cm
Height: 87cm

Garden King Composter (330L with Hatch)

The Garden King features an easy-slide access hatch at the bottom for easier access to the ready compost at the bottom of the bin.

Base Diameter: 91cm
Top Diameter: 49cm
Height: 101cm